Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey people! We got new bugs

Well, according to a story in Scientific American, bed bugs are not the only blood suckers we need to keep an eye on.   There are kissing bugs too.  In the sited story today, there was a positive case in a Parrish in LA in 2006.  I guess the CDC is concerned enough about these parasites they are hoping someone will do a study.

Wonder how much money will be offered for this study to be conducted?  In the meantime, I plan to study instead how to prevent a possible infestation and how to eliminate one in progress.  I guess it is still most prevalent in South America, but is showing up in the Southwestern United States also.  The CDC has been aware of these kissing bugs that bite their hosts, then deficate near the wounds, for some time.   And just when will they start to let Physicians know so they can start testing vulnerable people?

I guess they do not care enough to warn us, the little people.  Course, maybe big pharma is working on yet another ' medicine' to create new and ongoing customers for life.  Will people ever be more important than huge profits?  Have not checked with doTerra or Young Living for their take on these new bugs yet, but I am sure Mother Nature has a remedy and cure   ...   if we but look.

Mothers this is your job to help keep your families safe.  Do the research   ...

Will post more as I do the research.   peace to one and all and may you too find peace this blessed season   ...


tina ellen   ;0)

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